Cruise holiday or resort stay: which should you choose?

Booking a holiday always feels like a lot of work and planning to get right. You’ve decided you’d like to go for an all-inclusive trip, that’s a good start. But is it better to choose a cruise holiday or a resort stay? 

This really depends on what is important to you. 

Cruise ships move, so allow passengers to visit several different destinations in one trip which can be a draw for some people, whereas a resort stay offers the opportunity to lie on the beach all day long soaking in the sun. 

Cruises are generally cheaper as a base price, but this base price often leaves out what some feel to be important parts of an all-inclusive trip such as luxury coffee and alcohol that are usually offered in a resort stay. Depending on what is most important to you, you might prefer a cruise or a resort. 

Pros of cruises

ONE of the main benefits of going on a cruise is the fact that they move. This means that in one week-long trip you might visit upwards of five different destinations, meaning many more places ticked off your bucket list. 

The other benefit of a cruise ship’s movement is that it can follow the weather. If you’re sailing and you run into a storm, the cruise ship can alter its course to avoid the storm and keep all the passengers enjoying the good weather as much as possible. However, if you’re in a resort and a storm comes along, there is nowhere you can go to avoid it, so you might end up spending your whole beach holiday stuck in the rain if you’re unlucky.

Another pro for cruises is their cost. The base cost of a cruise tends to be significantly cheaper than that of a resort. This may change if you are going to begin adding in lots of drinks packages, spa trips and other costly activities on top of your standard rate, but without these, the cost of a cruise can be around half as expensive as a traditional resort stay, which definitely lands cruises in the pros column in terms of price. 

Whatever you’re spending your money on, you should make sure that you remember to purchase a good travel insurance policy. Staysure has plans tailored to cruise holidays which can protect you across all the countries that you visit on your trip.

Pros of Resorts

IT is worth mentioning that although cruises often claim to be all-inclusive, these “all-inclusive” rates often don’t cover all of the restaurants on board, and will not cover alcohol or things like luxury coffee or sodas. 

If you’re looking for a holiday with no nasty surprises on the bill at the other end, a resort might be better suited to you. Resorts carry a higher price point to accommodate for the fact that they include alcohol and pretty much everything that goes on in the resort at the cost of your stay. This means that you don’t have to worry that you’ll have to pay out of your pocket for any extras, and you can enjoy yourself fully without stressing about additional costs.

Resorts also gain a point in terms of the space available. Most resorts are sprawling and spacious, with acres of land that allow customers to wander around the premises and enjoy all of the activities on offer.

Most all-inclusive resorts will have a nearby beach, so if lounging on the sand all day long and taking a dip in the sea whenever you feel like it is your thing, a resort might be much more up your street than having to wait for a cruise ship to reach its next destination before you can take a splash in the sea.


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