22 October 2015

Italy On This Day

Learn more about Italy's rich culture and history
Have you ever wondered what the stories are behind some of the street signs in Italy

For instance, what happened in Italy on April 25, 1945 to cause every town in Italy to have a street named Via XXV Aprile? 

That’s one of the more obvious ones to work out as it is the date of Italy’s liberation from the Germans in the Second World War.

But what did Giacomo Matteotti do to have a street named after him? Answer: He stood up to Mussolini in parliament and was later kidnapped and murdered.

And who were all those kings called Victor Emmanuel and why didn’t they reign for very long?

If you find facts and information about Italy interesting, then this is the website for you.

Italy's history is displayed on its walls for all to see. This
 cafe in Trieste is proud to have been a meeting place
 for supporters of the unification movement in 1848.
Visit Italy On This Day to discover how every day of the year tells a different story from the rich culture and history of a beautiful country that never ceases to fascinate and intrigue.

Italy On This Day will interest Italophiles all over the world, regular visitors to Italy and people planning their first trip who haven’t yet decided where to go.

Log in to Italy On This Day as often as you can to learn more about the rich history and culture of the bel paese, the most beautiful country in the world.

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