4 February 2019

4 February

Ugo Betti - playwright

Judge who combined writing with legal career

Ugo Betti, a playwright whose works exploring facets of the human condition are considered by some to be the finest plays written by an Italian after Luigi Pirandello, was born on this day in 1892 in Camerino in Le Marche.  Betti wrote 27 plays, mainly concerned with evil, guilt, justice, atonement and redemption, largely in his spare time alongside a career in the legal profession. Read more...


Giacomo Facco – composer

The forgotten talent of the musician from Padua

Giacomo Facco, a Baroque composer, was born on this day in 1676 in Marsango, a small town just north of Padua.  Highly regarded during his own lifetime, when he played and composed for the Spanish court for King Philip V, he was completely forgotten about until 1962 when his work was rediscovered by Uberto Zanolli, a musicologist. Read more…


Eugenio Corti - soldier and writer

Author drew on his experiences on the front line

Eugenio Corti, writer of a bestselling epic novel The Red Horse, died on this day in 2014. The book follows the life of the Riva family in northern Italy from the summer of 1940 through to the 1970s, covering the years of the Second World War and the evolution of Italy's new republic.  Corti fought in Mussolini's army on the Russian Front but was later a member of the Italian Freedom Fighters, fighting against the Nazis. Read more…


Cesare Battisti – patriot and irredentist

Campaigner for Trentino hailed as national hero

Cesare Battisti, a politician whose campaign to reclaim Trentino for Italy from Austria-Hungary was to cost him his life, was born on this day in 1875 in the region’s capital, Trento. As a member of the Social Democratic Workers’ Party on the assembly of South Tyrol and the Austrian Imperial Council, he pushed for autonomy for Trentino, an area with a mainly Italian-speaking population. He was later executed by the Austrian army. Read more...


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